Some of the Best Art Gifts For Kids

Some of the Best Art Gifts For Kids

If you’re shopping for a child’s birthday, consider giving them an art kit. These kits range in price but are a great way to encourage creativity. Some ideas for art gifts are the Crayola 50-pack and Llamas kit. For a larger budget, consider buying washable markers for kids. This gift is sure to be a hit. It will allow your child to be creative and express themselves while having fun. Read below some great art gifts for children.

I love Llamas kit:

Whether your child loves llamas or is into crafting, the I love Llamas kit is a great gift. The kit contains 161 pieces and includes all the supplies needed to create six unique projects. The bright and cheerful colors of the kit will inspire creativity and stimulate the imagination. Kids will be delighted to receive a gift from Santa that is both colorful and fun.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Animals:

Washable pet toys made of washable markers are a great gift idea for kids. Scrubbie Pets are washable and colorable and encourage children to show empathy for other creatures in their lives. Kids can color, scrub, and clean their favorite animals with these interactive playsets. The set comes with 32 washable pets for creative play and learning.

Crayola 50-pack:

You can’t go wrong with Crayola paints for your child. This 50-pack set contains 24 bright colors and a variety of mediums, including canvas and wood. Kids will love to create Art on these versatile surfaces. Crayola chalk comes with brushes and a mixing palette. Even the most challenging canvas is no match for this vibrant paint set. Your child will be delighted to discover new creations.

Crayola set of chalk pastels:

A Crayola set of chalk pastels is a wonderful gift for a child who enjoys drawing or painting. The soft, chalk-like pencils are made for little fingers and have brilliant assorted colors. Kids enjoy shading the colors with their fingers and using their fingertips to blend them. The set also includes an easel for the child to work on. Whether it’s a gift for a child who’s just starting or an older child who has already acquired some art supplies, the set will be a hit.