Need Help Picking A Vape Kit or Electronic Cigarette? Follow These Tips

Need Help Picking A Vape Kit or Electronic Cigarette? Follow These Tips

Before you buy vape from Nord Smok, you should know what kind of vape kit you need. The type of vape kit you choose will determine your vaping experience and even your identity. Here are some tips to help you decide which type of vape kit will best suit your needs. You may be wondering how to choose the right kit for your vaping lifestyle. Read on to learn more. Also, check out our guides on different types of e-cigarettes.

Pod-style e-cigarettes

When choosing a pod-style e-cigarette, make sure to check its airflow. Unlike manual button e-cigarettes, these devices rely on airflow sensors, so the right inhalation technique is key to getting a satisfying hit. While it may be tempting to draw harder for a bigger cloud, the fact is that stronger draws do not produce more satisfying vapor. Rather, they produce smaller clouds and can be dangerous.


When it comes to choosing a MTL vape kit, the first thing you should consider is your personal preference. Most people prefer this method for tighter draws, higher nicotine levels, and a smoother throat hit. Direct-lung inhaling is intense and can cause coughing in new vapers. In contrast, MTL requires less air, so you can enjoy more flavor. You should also consider the difference in PG and VG content.


If you’re new to vaping, you may be wondering what kind of gear you should buy. While hybrid devices are a good option if you want a more restricted DTL experience, you should consider a dedicated sub-ohm vape kit. These types of devices feature a powerful battery, a tank or pod with large airflow openings, and sub-ohm coils for massive clouds of vapor.

Box mods

If you are looking to get started with vaporizing, you may want to invest in a box mod. These powerful devices come with many positive benefits and can make the transition from conventional smoking to vaporization easier. Box mods can also be used with other materials such as wax and dry herbs. They’re easy to use and clean and offer many advantages over conventional smoking.

Coil size

When buying a vape kit, make sure to consider the coil size. Coils come in a variety of gauges, which refer to the thickness and diameter of the wire. Thinner wires are more resistant to heat, but the opposite is true for thicker wires. A typical coil will be 22 to 32 gauge. To determine its resistance, the wire should be coiled four to eight times.