Things to do on your birthday
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Things to do on your birthday

People who organize and cherish your birthdays are the most special and unique friends which you need to keep around. But not everyone is a party person and some enjoy calm and solitude more than blasting music. For those people, it can get quite tricky to arrange something and make them happy. Well, don’t worry as we have compiled a list of things which everyone can enjoy:

  • Concert

Nothing is more cherishing and enjoyable than watching your favourite artist perform live. You and your friends can have the most memorable time watching them play on stage and probably one of the best feeling is getting to hang out with them. If the artist is in town, grab their tickets and enjoy the moment.

  • Roller skate race

You are never too old for some fun roller skate party because they aren’t only fun to wear around but they are also the best entertainment to watch your friends trip and fall over. Shoot loads of videos and this will become a running meme, joke and gif – all in one for your friends group to enjoy over the course of years. Trust us, this birthday surprise is unbeatable.

  • Weekend getaway

This one works for everyone as this is probably one of the best well deserved break which everyone can use. If you can’t plan an extravagant vacation then we believe, weekend should survive as you can book a vacation spot, get birthday decoration for kids and make it one of your intimate family special moments. Live in the moment and forget about the world around.

  • Ladies spa trip

If you are treating a busy mommy of two to her birthday then the only right way to do this is by treating the lovely woman with flower delivery UAE and getting a spa day. Get massages and pamper them, spoil them and let them get free just for once.

  • Escape game

If you are dealing with a game addict here then nothing is more of a heaven for them than an escape gaming room. Shower them with their favourite limited edition gaming consoles and CDs and you will be shocked at how little it takes to make them happy. They will be lost in playing all day long yet it will be the most fun birthday ever.