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Yes! They still make these!

As long time San Francisco residents, we've always loved 24th St., deep in the heart of the Mission. After years of working in and being part of San Francisco's always changing, always radical music scene, we felt there needed to be more record stores in the city, especially the Mission. When a space became available on 24th St., we looked at each other and said "Lets do it!" The Explorist opened it's doors on October 31st, 2010 with idea of showcasing and highlighting the records that are usually pushed to the back sections of most other record stores. By spotlighting jazz, international folk & pop, early blues and Americana, and vintage and modern experimental, we feel like we've helped expand people's definitions of heavy, psychedelic and soulful music.


Tues. - Sat. 12n - 8p
Su 12n - 6p



(415) 678-5691


3174 24th Street
San Francisco CA

Things We Like

Here at the Explorist, we like to pride ourselves on liking everything we carry.  But, there are some things that we
REALLY like.  And since we like them so much, we want to share them and see if you like them too. So keep an eye open, not only for photos of really groovy records, but for in-store events, promotions and even stuff that happens outside
of the Explorist's walls. Remember; it's good to like things. And stuff too!